Beautiful Amber is not actually a crystal, but is solidified tree resin that has become fossilized. This stone was used to protect warriors in ancient times, and the oldest amber beads were found in graves dating back to 8000 BCE. Amber unites the warming energy of the Sun with strong connections of the Earth to provide a potent grounding and cleansing energy.

A powerful protector, Amber guards against psychic vampirism and provides a protective shield to prevent healers from taking on a client's pain. It is a wonderful healing stone for drawing disease out of the body and assists in revitalizing tissue. Amber cleanses the environment and the chakras. This stone supports clearing of problems associated with the second (sacral) chakra. It draws negative energy away from the body so that it can heal itself.

Emotionally, Amber eases stress, aids depression, and stimulates memory and decision-making. It brings about a positive mental state, and helps fulfill dreams and goals. Physically, Amber is wonderful for vitality and self-healing. It helps heal throat issues, and aids the stomach, spleen, liver and kidney. It can also alleviate joint problems and strengthen mucus membranes. The gem elixir has antibiotic properties, and is excellent for wound healing.

Amber is opaque or transparent with insects or vegetation trapped inside. It is available in yellow, orange or golden-brown, and can be found in Poland, Italy, Lithuania, Britain, Romania, Germany and Russia.