This crystal, commonly known as Schorl, is the most effective blocker of negativity, curses, and psychic attacks. A highly protective stone, Black Tourmaline picks up any negativity or disharmony in the environment, and transforms it into positive energy. This gemstone resonates with the root chakra and provides a wonderful grounding energy, while increasing physical vitality.

Black Tourmaline is an excellent deflector of electromagnetic energy, radiation, and cell phone emanations. Wear this stone as jewelry, or place it between yourself and the electromagnetic source for the most beneficial protection. It clears blockages and draws off negativity by placing the point of the crystal away from you. You can also use this gemstone in protective grids around the house.

Black Tourmaline clears tension, stress and negative thoughts. It relieves anxiety and helps with embarrassment. This stone brings about a positive, laid-back attitude no matter what the circumstances. It also promotes clear thinking, creativity, practicality and an objective attitude.

Physically, Black Tourmaline strengthens the immune system, helps arthritis and detoxification, and defends against debilitating disease. It balances male-female energy and helps hand-eye coordination. It is also good for realigning the spinal column and for pain relief, and can help treat dyslexia.

Black Tourmaline is the black form of Tourmaline which also comes in a variety of other colors including green, pink, watermelon, brown, red, yellow and blue. It is a shiny, opaque, striated crystal that is commonly found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, India, Africa, US, Australia, Italy and Afghanistan.