Stimulating Citrine is an energizing yellow stone that carries the power of the sun. Citrine does not hold negative energy, and never needs cleansing. It dispels anger and cleanses the aura. It energizes, increases motivation, and heightens self-esteem, personal power, and creativity. It brings happiness and generosity, promotes inner calm, and balances yin yang energy. Citrine may enhance concentration, and is excellent for overcoming depression, fears and phobias. It is a good stone to use for manifesting your desires and creating optimism.

Also known as the "Stone of Prosperity" or the "Merchant Stone", Citrine attracts wealth and success and helps one maintain it. It can also be used to help sell houses. Place this stone in a cash drawer of a business, or in the wealth corner of your house to draw abundance.

Physically, Citrine resonates with the 3rd, or Solar Plexus, chakra. It is good for the digestive system, spleen and pancreas.It is an excellent stone for motivating, recharging and energizing, and is also a good blood detoxifier. It helps to activate the thymus and balance the thyroid. Citrine is useful for eye problems, reverses degenerative diseases, eliminates constipation, and alleviates fatigue.

Citrine is a yellow, golden, or lemon variety of quartz.  It is mostly transparent, but may be cloudy.  Citrine will fade if placed in direct sunlight.  This crystal is easily obtained, and can be found in Brazil, Russia, Britain, France, Madagascar and the United States.