Debi is one of the many warm, welcoming faces that make up the Ananta Yoga staff. She has grown in her practice alongside the growth and development of the studio. Debi says she was "uninspired by her fitness routine," when she walked through the doors of her very first yoga class. "I had thought it [yoga] might not be challenging, was I wrong. The vinyasa style proved a challenge to both my mind and body. The discipline of quieting my mind and connecting with the breath gave me a sense of peace and calm."  

In January 2011, Debi enrolled in a training program with Yoga Fit, an international teacher training in New York City. In May she participated in her second training in Baltimore. It was then that Debi began classes at Ananta and found a studio to call home. When asked how Debi decided to enroll in a teacher training program she explains how her first teacher saw something in her and encouraged her to consider teacher training. Along with motivation from her first teacher and a desire to learn more and go deeper into the practice of yoga, Debi began her journey as not just a student but as a teacher, too.  

"I believe that sharing the gift of yoga can help students navigate their daily lives and find serenity in a fast moving world," says Debi. "Working and practicing with the talented teachers at Ananta studio has helped me grow and develop as a yogi and a teacher."   

Debi has flourished as a teacher. Her workouts have come so far from her first lesson and she thanks Ananta so much for giving her the opportunity to grow as a student and teacher. She looks forward to more teacher trainings and is ready to overcome any obstacles that lie ahead.   

If you have not already experienced one of Debi's classes, Ananta encourages you to do so! Debi's positive energy is contagious and will put a smile on anyone's face, no matter what pose you are in!